Swim England launches 10year strategy

Swim England has unveiled its strategic vision for the next decade as it aims to champion a healthy and successful nation through swimming.

Access Aquatics sets out the national governing body’s key priorities to remove the barriers to participation and ensure its sports and activities are ‘accessible, inclusive and safe for everyone’

It recognises the ‘chronic challenges’ facing the sector which is threatening one of the ‘nation’s greatest assets’ and how it plans to work with partners to tackle inequalities and ensure Access to Aquatics for all.

The strategy focuses Swim England’s work up until 2033 under three areas – capability, people and water.

Capability’s guiding objectives aims to see a rise in the number of children leaving primary school able to swim and a reduction in the current inequalities in attainment levels, increase the total of Water Wellbeing accredited sites, grow the number of Swim England members and guarantee there is a network of financially-robust clubs with the structure and partnerships in place to support their long-term future. Read more