Diving competitions


County Championships

The Championships are made up of a number of events held throughout the year. They include 1m springboard, 3m springboard and 5m platform competitions.

Competitors compete in either junior (under 18) or senior age-groups and perform a range of voluntary dives from a pre-determined number of dive groups as determined in the conditions.

We also have synchronised diving championships that involves two competitors diving simultaneously from the same height board; either the 1m springboard or the 5m platform. Judges look at how well the divers are synchronised and the execution of the individual dives.

Age-group competitions 

These events involve separate, identical competitions for divers in the 8-12 years , 13-15 years and 16-18 tears age group. Divers must perform a selection of voluntary dives from pre-determined groups of dives.

This competition allows divers to compete with other individuals of a similar age to themselves.

Novice events

Novice competitions allow less experienced divers to get a taste of competition.

In these events divers perform a range of diving skills that form the basis of the more technically challenging moves. They also have the opportunity to do some voluntary dives of their own choice.

Masters competition

The Masters competition is for older divers and although fiercely fought, is a lot of fun and provides an opportunity for older divers to compete alongside each other.

Other competitions

In addition to county competition divers from Hertfordshire successfully compete in Regional, National, European and International competitions.

For enquiries please contact the County Secretary, Sheila Mackenzie