Swim England Masters Short Course Championships 2018

Masters event
22 Swimmers from 8 Clubs attended the meet in Sheffield; the clubs represented were Berkhamsted, Bishops Stortford, Hemel Hempstead, Hoddesdon, Potters Bar, St Alban’s Masters, Stevenage and Watford.


Hertfordshire swimmers came away with a total combined 32 medals, of which there were 28 individual medals and 4 relay medals. There was a total of 61 top 10 placings in the meet for Hertfordshire swimmers/relays.

The Individual medallists were;

Mike Foskett – Hemel Hempstead- (65-69yrs) – 2nd100m Backstroke

David Pirrie – Hemel Hempstead – (60-64yrs) – 3rd50m Breastroke

Lucy Park- Watford- (18-24yrs)- 3rd200m Individual Medley

Alison Binns- Watford – (18-24yrs) 2nd200m Individual Medley

Jo Mitchinson- Stevenage – (35-39yrs) 2nd200m Butterfly

Elizabeth Bellinger – Bishops Stortford- (40-44yrs) 1st200m Butterfly

Alison Binns – Watford-(18-24yrs) 3rd100m Freestyle

Mike Foskett – Hemel Hempstead- (65-69yrs) 1st100m Individual Medley

Alison Binns – Watford – (18-24yrs) 3rd100m Individual Medley

Sally Winter – Bishops Stortford – (55-59yrs) 3rd100m Individual Medley

Lucy Park- Watford- (18-24yrs) 1st400m Freestyle

Jo Mitchinson- Stevenage – (35-39yrs) 3rd400m Freestyle

Alison Binns – Watford – (18-24yrs) 3rd100m Butterfly

Elizabeth Bellinger – Bishops Stortford- (40-44yrs) 1st100m Butterfly

Mike Foskett – Hemel Hempstead- (65-69yrs) 2nd50m Backstroke

Lois Moore – Hemel Hempstead- (18-24yrs) 1st200m Freestyle

Lucy Park – Watford- (18-24yrs) 3rd200m Freestyle

Sally Winter – Bishops Stortford – (55-59yrs) 1st200m Freestyle

David Pirrie- Hemel Hempstead- (60-64yrs) 2nd200m Breastroke

Lucy Park – Watford – (18-24yrs) 2nd200m Breastroke (EAST REGION RECORD)

Daryl Mason – Potters Bar- (45-49yrs) 2nd50m Butterfly

Mike Foskett – Hemel Hempstead- (65-69yrs) 2nd50m Butterfly

Daryl Mason – Potters Bar – (45-49yrs) 1st50m Freestyle

Danny Brinkley – Hoddesdon- (40-44yrs) 3rd100m Breastroke

Daryl Mason- Potters Bar – (45-49yrs) 2nd100m Breastroke

David Pirrie – Hemel Hempstead – (60-64yrs) 2nd100m Breastroke

Mike Foskett – Hemel Hempstead – (65-69yrs) 1st200m Backstroke

Jo Mitchinson – Stevenage- (35-39yrs) 1st200m Backstroke

Mark Strakosch – Berkhamsted – (55-59yrs) 3rd800m Freestyle

The Relay Medallists were;

Hemel Hempstead – Men’s 240+ – 2nd200m Freestyle Team

Hemel Hempstead – Men’s 240+ – 2nd200m Medley Team

Hemel Hempstead – Men’s 240+ – 1st400m Medley Team

Watford- Mixed 72+ – 3rd200m Freestyle Team

Swimmers that took part were; Kevin McKenna, Mike Foskett, Alexander Kemp, Hilary Coulson, Lois Moore, Mark Ayres, David Pirrie, Duncan Beveridge, Danny Brinkley, Jack Jackson, Lucy Park, Alison Binns, Jo Mitchinson, Elizabeth Bellinger, Liam Hall, Sally Winter, Ashley Holness-Wright, Beverley McKenna, Daryl Mason, Tracy Van Deventer, Mark Strakosch and Claudia Cruttwell.

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