Regional Inter County Team Championship – 2019

Selection Policy

  1. The team will be selected in June of the year of competition.
  2. Swimmers will be identified for both individual and relay events from the ASA Long Course Ranking Database.
  3. Swimmers will be identified as eligible for this competition if they rank under a Hertfordshire club on the Rankings Database.
  4. Swimmers will be identified for both individual and relay events based on times posted within the Summer Championships Qualification Window (22ndMarch-27thMay 2019) at level 1 meets.
  5. The Age Groups for the competition are:
    • Boys and Girls 11/12 years
    • Boys and Girls 13/14 years
    • Boys and Girls 15/16 years
    • Boys and Girls 17+ years
  6. Ages are as at 31stDecember 2019
  7. Primary selection will be from Long Course times. Should there be insufficient swimmers with Long Course times, Short Course times will be referenced.
  8. The coaching team reserve the right to select swimmers who are registered to a Hertfordshire club but currently away at university where they consider this to be in the best interests of the team.

Additional Conditions

  1. Swimmers will be notified by email inJune and expected to accept or decline their selection by the date advised at which point a second round of selections may be required.
  2. Swimmers MUST be available for any activities over the weekend – this can include but is not limited to training, travel, overnight accommodation and competition.
  3. Swimmers who are unavailable for any part of the weekend will by default be deselected.
  4. Any travel arrangements will be confirmed once the team has been confirmed.
Download the policy.
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