Club Development Group

The Club Development Group meets five times a year and focuses on six primary objectives:

  • Ensuring that information about courses and seminars is available to clubs, teachers, coaches and club members involved in the administration of clubs.
  • Ensuring the provision of courses required by clubs and the clubs’ volunteers, so that there is on-going development within the clubs.
  • Delivering county forums to clubs, coaches and officials.
  • Reviewing the outputs from all county forums, and taking appropriate actions, or recommending action to be taken by other people or committees.
  • Managing funding opportunities provided by Swim England Hertfordshire.
  • Assisting with the provision of the county conference.

There is currently a vacancy for the manager.

Minutes of the Club Development Group meetings are available here.

Group members: 

Who they are What role they have
Position vacant
Helen Pretious-White
Group member
Ian Mackenzie
Co-opted member
Jonathan Pope
Swimming Officials Co-ordinator
Karen Huckle
Nicola RixGroup member
Vacant position
Group member

The Chairman of the Management Board, the Finance Officer and the Secretary are all ex officio members of the committee.