Synchronised swimming championships and results

Swim England Hertfordshire championships and competitions are held within Swim England East Region championships and competitions.

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Swim Hertfordshire Sychro Championship 2019

Saturday 22nd of June saw 78 athletes come together at Stevenage Swim Centre for the 2019 Herts Synchro Championship.
This event was run in parellel with an East Region event, with many of the Herts Athletes medalling at both events.
Every synchro club in Herts was present which was great to see as the number of swimmers in the discipline continue to grow steadily. Both figures and team routines were swum on the day ending up with the Masters section where the Herts Team from Aqualina won both at Regional and County level with the higest routine score of the day at 63.10.
A special thanks goes to the Herts President Janet Warrinton for coming along to present medals.