50 Metre pool project

Swim England Hertfordshire have begun the process to build their own 50m pool.

This huge undertaking by the County Association is in the early stages but will ideally be a facility that caters for ALL our aquatic disciplines. The focus of the facility will be competitive training and events.

The county have set up a limited company, Hertfordshire Aquatics, and are in the process of registering it as a charity. This company will oversee the project and run the facility when it is built.

A preferred location has been identified with a very enthusiastic partner. We have been advised not to reveal the location/partner until contracts have been signed

Swim England Herfordshire are now seeking support from various bodies in order to help us raise the necessary funding.


Q. When the 50m pool is up and running will the County be running events every other weekend to cover costs? If so how will clubs benefit?

A. No. The county are currently thinking they will run the following swimming events over and above County Championships

  •  1 x National qualifying gala
  •  1 x Regional LC qualifying gala
  •  1 x Regional SC qualifying gala

The vast majority of weekends will be available for clubs to hire the facility and thereby continue to raise funds.

We do also need to accommodate ALL disciplines.

Facility hire will NOT be limited to Hertfordshire clubs as we will be wanting to host Regional and National events.

If you have any burning questions – apart from where is it please contact swimming@swimherts.org

Charitable Status

Swim England Hertfordshire are excited to announce that Hertfordshire Aquatics has been granted Charitable Status.

Hertfordshire Aquatics are working very closely with a number of organisations to look at furthering the project. Currently we are looking at how we can reduce the funding we need to allow us to build a fit for purpose facility that you will want to swim at.

We are talking to architects, builders and pool suppliers to see what we can achieve as well as working with specialists to look at predicted income and expenditures.

The project is gaining momentum and once we are sure it will float we will look to sign contracts with the landowners and THEN we will be able to let you know where it is.

In the meantime we will post updates here as and when we have them

In light of questions from clubs we have compiled a list of FAQ’s.

Our intention is and will remain to be as open and honest with this project as we can be.

The Big Reveal

Take a look at this presentation about our 50m pool project – The Big Reveal